Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Silas, the family clown

Today I was building a "tent" for the kids to play in. Before I could get done Silas kept knocking it down. He's pretty funny.


Lately my creative outlet has been cake decorating. (I've taken a couple classes recently.) Some people have asked to see pictures and I finally have enough to make a post out of it so here goes...

Birthday Boy

Happy First Birthday Silas! We love you!


Well, I've decided that if I wait around until I have time to catch up on posting our pictures from summer, that this blog will never be up to date (or even remotely so). So, I'm just going to skip ahead. There's been so much fun going on in September that I wanted to get it up here. Two mornings this week we saw hot air baloons floating by our house. It was fun and certainly brightened our mornings. Thanks Baloon Flyer Guys.

Here's where Josie instructed me to take a picture of her and Silas sitting back to back.

Here's where Josie dressed her and Silas up in "costumes." The costumes were actually shirts of mine which were taken out of the laundry pile. Silas looked pretty funny walking up and down the hall with my tank top around his neck.

It's always good to wear a bunny visor while watching a DVD. You know, just in case.

She continues to amuse us with things she decides to put on. You probably can't tell that those are Silas' pajama pants under the dress. They really completed the deflated inner tube, sunglasses, dress ensemble.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's been way too long since I've made a post. I've got a lot of pictures from the rest of the summer but these videos need to be top priority. We're so proud of our little boy, or rather our not so little boy. He's growing so fast. It's a whole new world for him now. Maybe he'll be able to chase his big sister faster this way.